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The implementation of technology that automates call handling and improves personnel productivity throughout an organization is resulting in significant cost reduction and enhanced customer service.Consolidation: Two premier healthcare organizations – Banner and Emory University – exemplify how communication-center consolidation is successfully being used as a cost-reduction strategy by this industry.Attendants use integrated workstations to answer calls and send pages quickly and accurately.Electronic directories integrated into each workstation make it fast and easy to search for a particular individual vs.Recordings can be time-of-day sensitive and customized to greet callers differently based on where the call was routed.In both communication centers, employees, as well as authorized users across the organization, perform paperless directory searches, paging, and on-call scheduling from their corporate Intranet or the Internet.For the past 11 years, computer-telephony integrated solutions have been instrumental in maintaining a level of expected service and professionalism, according to Vince Johns, who is responsible for Banner’s communication-center operations.

Emory’s voice-activated response system alleviates operator workload by handling routine phone requests such as paging without a live operator and more easily than touchtone.Emory also integrated sophisticated operator consoles with its telephone system to automate operator tasks and integrate caller and directory information.As a result, communication-center operators answer more calls in less time, which reduces costs, staffing burdens, data-entry requirements, and operator fatigue.In fact, the initial consolidation’s overwhelming success prompted the merger of three more communication centers two years later.Technology: Key Consolidation Component: Searching for a computer-telephony integration (CTI) solution that could help automate its communication-center consolidation, Banner specifically wanted to: Banner was no stranger to the power of technology in automating communications.

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